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Environmental Statement

The Apartment Service endeavors to be excellent in all aspects of our business. We are aware of the direct effect (transport, cleaning materials, energy and office consumables etc) and indirect effect (guest’s behavior and the buildings where we have apartments) our actions and practices have on the environment and we commit to minimising these.

Our objectives in broad outline are:-

  • · To comply with, and if possible exceed, relevant existing environmental legal requirements.
  • · To seek to increase the efficient use of energy resources.
  • · To raise awareness amongst our employees of the environmental impact of their actions and decisions and encourage them to support the company achieve its environmental ambitions.
  • · To reduce pollution, emissions and waste.
  • · To recycle materials used in areas where we have control of the relevant services.
  • · In dealing with third parties, we will engage with landlords, their agents and others with whom we conduct business with so as to encourage them to mirror our environmental aims.
  • · To encourage suppliers to minimise their own environmental impact and, where relevant and possible, reflect their environmental choices in our decision making.
  • · To provide our guests with information and encourage them to reduce their environmental impact.
  • · To strive to continuously improve our overall environmental performance.

In working towards these objectives, we will:

  • · Provide Management oversight and review of environmental policies and performance.
  • · Allocate management resources for the effective direction and implementation of our environmental policy with the aim of achieving our objectives and meeting our targets.
  • · Review our environmental policy on an annual basis, to take account of changes in environmental legislation, as well as the requirements and expectations of our clients and of the industry as whole.
  • · Encourage proposed and existing suppliers to investigate and introduce environmentally responsible processes and products.
  • · Seek, where appropriate, to make environmental criteria a part of our decision making in awarding contracts or in making general buying decisions.
  • · Communicate the aims of this environmental statement to our suppliers and to our employees, and to encourage their input and feedback regarding our environmental behavior.
  • · Undertake appropriate consideration of environmental issues in the professional services we provide to our clients.

This statement represents our general position on environmental issues and the policies and practices we apply in conducting our business.

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