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August 3, 2011

My Day at Guest Services by Babur Khan

It was 9:05 am on a typical Tuesday morning, and I stood by Mark’s desk to report for my exciting day of operational adventures. “What awaits us today” was going through my head. “Will it be a guest complaint, could there be a postcard through the door by a guest who stayed with us with a hand written “thank you” note, and how will the maintenance team will do today as compared to yesterday?” I started off with assisting Mark in placing some online broadband orders. Better and faster Wi-Fi now for our guests to browse through and benefit from the wealth of knowledge & entertainment over the “worldwide web”.


During placing the orders, our efficient quality control team had reported a faulty washing machine at one of our City locations. Mark got on to in a flash and had arranged the maintenance team to ensure that the problem is resolved without causing an inconvenience to our guest. That was a job well done Mark! Whilst I was placing orders, Mark had already gotten on to the phone and resolved most of the outstanding issues with external contractors for today - it was lunch break time. I took off and returned after 50 minutes, and there was safe unit programming on the list for Cramer House. Dorica and Sue showed me how to do one, and then I was on it. Thinking that everything needs to be done diligently, as this could be the safest place in the apartment, I ensured that all safe units were programmed, keys marked correctly and the boxes were labelled clearly for maintenance team to take away and install. During these important tasks, I did assist Mark in taking some of the calls on behalf of the Guest Relations.


I would like to thank everyone at Guest Services for the opportunity of working with you for a day.

Babur Khan
Business Development Executive
The Apartment Service
T:+44 (0)20 8944 3665

April 8, 2011

Tess’s Big Day Out! (with the Quality control Team) Cross-Training Chronicles Part I by Tess Smith


After a very slow drive from Morden (tailbacks on the M25 turnoff) I arrived as requested at Printing House in Guilford at 10.30am, the same time as the maintenance boys Kamil and David (they just thought some strange woman was approaching them) I offered my services and they quickly piled me up with box’s and sent me to the 4th floor penthouse apartment where Lucy was busy with the agent and various calls from work!


For the next hour I lugged mattresses, mirrors and containers of all sizes from the van to the apartment. Once we had emptied the van, David left and Lucy, Kamil and I started to put the apartment together.


Kamil and I got started on the beds (making them!). We found out the second room really wasn’t built for 2 single beds as you could not see a gap between the beds but as it has already been booked as a king and 2 singles it needed to stay that way for now! Lucy then asked me to unpack all the kitchen box’s and put away into relevant cupboards putting anything dirty in the dish washer.


Once that was done I took my lunch break (as instructed by Ness) and had a wonder round Guilford, which is a great town centre. Lots of really good clothes shops and a farmers market with a really medieval feel. Back at Printing House I directed Helen and Kevin (our new BDE’s) to the apartment so they could get an idea of the layout.


Some more unpacking, putting lamps together general rubbish clearing and I was finished ready for my next adventure!...



Tess Smith

Business Development Execute

The Apartment Service 

T: +44(0)20 8944 3663

March 18, 2011

Now with Serviced Apartments in Cambridge by Esther Munoz Tong

Introducing our new Serviced Apartments selection in Cambridge


Manor House  

Manor House is a brand new development of six apartments in a pretty, quiet Victorian terrace to... More


Garden Court

Garden Court is a modern and stylish development that is just 10 minutes walk to the historic city centre and... More

Market Rise
The Market Rise apartments are located in a modern building near to the...

Meadowcroft Apartments
The striking modern exterior of Meadowcroft Apartments contrasts excitingly with its leafy...

The Hamiltons  
A selection of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments including two stunning Penthouse apartments offering unrivalled views of the...

How to contact the our Reservations Team
Tel: +44(0)208 944 1444

March 2, 2011

Looking for a New Colleague! by Esther Munoz Tong

The Apartment Service is looking to recruit an individual to develop and expand its portfolio of serviced apartments featured on its website. Although sound IT skills are essential the ability to build on good working relationships with providers and suppliers is paramount ensuring that The Apartment Service and its clients receive the most competitive rates and information on its website. The organising of regular familiarisation trips for the sales team is also a task required.

Previous experience in a similar role within The Serviced Apartment or hotel industry would be beneficial however interested applicants who have proven transferable skills should apply.

Applicants must be fluent in English both verbal and written with a smart appearance and professional approach to their work. Self motivation and the ability to prioritise a busy workload are essential in order to make a success within this role.

For complete job description please access the following link and to apply please contact     


February 18, 2011

My short stay in Madrid by Mariel Martinez


This week I had the opportunity to go to Madrid and visit Sandoval Apartments


As you are walking towards the building you can already feel at home in the charming and cosy neighbourhood where our Madrid’s serviced apartments are located.


It is nice and you feel welcomed and relaxed in a place that even though is not your home,  it doesn’t have that impersonal feel which you often get in a hotel.


When you see the building from outside you tell yourself...”This is lovely”...But the wow factor hits you when you are actually past the main door. As soon as you are on the foyer and you see the features made of the wood, with the intricate artisanal work on the staircase, you realise how unique this building is. A stairway where each (wood) step is completely different the next, something that certainly made me feel that I was in a very special place.


You simply don’t know what to expect...


Once you enter in the apartment you get the impression that you could happily live there forever.

There is anything you could possibly need if you arrive on late flight, even coffee and tea.... And a big sofa where you can lay down and relax after a very stressful day or a long flight. Even floor tiles on the apartments have character.  There is a lot of storage space, even for girls who tend to travel with way too much of luggage. The fact that everything is clean, tidy and contemporarily decorated contributes in great deal to that feeling.


The next morning and after a good sleep the best thing you could do is to have breakfast in a typical Spanish Cafeteria. Every customer is known by their name! And the waiters already know what the locals will be having. .. Everyone is teasing each other...


Madrid is such a friendly place to start your work day...

February 10, 2011

The Apartment Service introduces our new Business and Administration Manager – Spain by Esther Munoz Tong

The Apartment Service expansion is truly relentless. We are very happy to welcome new staff Mariel Martinez, who brings a whole wealth of regional sales experience and who will play an important role to further develop the Spanish speaking markets.

Mariel will be dealing with general administration, as well as accounting and management of Roomspace Spain (starting with Apartments Sandoval in Madrid), including sales and marketing activities to offer the Company’s varied booking services to Spanish speaking companies and organisations which The Apartment Service regularly provides, as well as for those looking for accommodation solutions anywhere else in the world. Mariel will be also looking to network and build stronger relationships with other property providers and specialist suppliers in the industry of corporate housing and relocation.

Mariel will be based in our London office but she will be travelling to a frequent basis to our base in Madrid.  Should you have any enquiries or information to share with her, she can be contacted directly via:

February 9, 2011

The Apartment Service team at the BTMS yesterday - Muireann King and Christian Benoit by Esther Munoz Tong

February 2, 2011

Serviced Accommodation in Bangkok – Seven Place Residences by Esther Munoz Tong


Now part of the Apartment Service portfolio; Hotel and Serviced Apartments located in the heart of Bangkok, the largest urban area and the capital city of Thailand.

Evocative of the proud tradition of grand accommodation of a residential place, Seven Place Residences is the finest and most luxurious residence located in the centre of Bangkok. The brainchild of a Thai team formed by architects, interior designers, landscape architects and engineers, these eighteen executive residences -all with a glass enclosed atrium with views of Bangkok City, and outdoor patios.

These luxurious yet cosy suites are decorated with thick oriental rugs, native furnishings and antique crafts offer every facility expected by the discerning traveller. Featuring every amenity and service you can expect, including Meeting Room, Fitness Rooms and a free form outdoor pool where you can enjoy swimming with panoramic views of the city and the green surroundings.

Seven Place Residence is also ideally located with all the amenities such as shopping, tourist information office and a variety of restaurants within walking distance.

More information

Send us an enquiry for accommodation at Seven Place Residences - Bangkok

December 15, 2010

All Staff Focus Day by Esther Munoz Tong

We had our first “All Staff Focus Day” today - actually it had to be split in two big groups to maintain all our services running- but the general consensus was that it has been a very useful exercise and a brilliant platform to reinforce the Apartment Service short and medium term objectives, as is always easier to achieve these if everyone is kept in the loop at all times, to improve our internal communications, as well as to brainstorm and get feedback from everyone in the company who is in permanent contact with our customers.

None of us had any idea how much fun we’d have before we went in. I was laughing out loud much of the time at the hilarious chatting.  Not to mention that nice and buzzing feeling one gets of having been listened to after a work meeting.

TAS will continue to organise in person and online staff events once or twice a year. We hope that future events would provide us with the opportunity to further communicate, inspire and motivate the Apartment Service team.

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