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October 9, 2012

Mel & Sara attend Global Workforce Symposium - ERC in Washington DC (3-5 October) by Bard Vos & Maggy Sainsbury

We arrived on Tuesday 2nd October ready to set up shop for the next 3 days at the Worldwide ERC 20132 in Washington DC.

This was a fabulous city to be in and presented an excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues in the relocation industry where The Apartment Service have become well known and to which offers fully serviced temporary accommodation.




Not only do we secure ongoing relationships, we build new ones with the relocation world and other accommodation providers in many other countries who we can work with as an agent and provider.

The ERC always manages to create a great atmosphere for networking and hosts some of the best evening events where the industry can really let their hair down. Not always a good idea with jet lag but it would have been rude not to!

After all the hard work, Friday night saw The Apartment Service, HCR and Coppergate International really excel themselves when we went on a 3 hour Sedgway tour of Washington giving us some memories and laughs we will never forget.




Can’t wait for next year…….


Sara Calvo



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