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July 10, 2015

VISIONAPARTMENTS joins The TAS Alliance by Bard Vos


RELEASE - from The TAS Alliance

Wimbledon, London, July 2015

The TAS Alliance - the leading global network of independently owned and operated serviced apartments – is proud to welcome the latest international partner to the Alliance, VISIONAPARTMENTS founded in 1999 and headquartered in Switzerland.

VISIONAPARTMENTS has joined the rapidly expanding portfolio of The TAS Alliance, which has increased in numbers exponentially since its launch over 18 months ago.

VISIONAPARTMENTS currently offers 24 properties in 7 European cities, including Zurich, Vienna, Berlin and Munich. The group has further projects in the development stage in cities like Geneva or Frankfurt. They are known for their commitment to service and style at best city locations. The company advanced from start-up to Switzerland’s market leader in just a short time and is now expanding in phases both domestically and internationally.

“We are delighted to welcome and work with the leadership and the operational teams at VISIONAPARTMENTS, I believe they are one of the most hospitable and stylish operators that exist in our markets today. The company offers a wide range of apartments in their portfolio that is represented in key business hubs. We look forward to assisting them to develop their outbound global sales effort from their home markets”, says Jo Layton, MD – Group Commercial Sales at The Apartment Service.

Anja Graf, CEO and Chairwoman of VISIONAPARTMENTS says, “Signing up with The TAS Alliance is an important step for the development of our company. It’s our answer to the requests we get continuously from our corporate clients asking for serviced apartments in locations where VISIONAPARTMENTS is not yet operating. We are pleased to offer to our corporate clients the opportunity to book temporary living solutions worldwide now and are looking forward to a successful collaboration with The TAS Alliance.”  

Shabina Awan, Director of Alliances and Partnerships for The Apartment Service adds; “we welcome VISIONAPARTMENTS to the TAS Alliance team and look forward to working with them collaboratively over the coming years to both enhance The TAS Alliance offering across our European destinations and to add an excellent and very well presented product and service to our clients. This is a culmination of many strategic discussions.”

For more information about The TAS Alliance, please visit or contact Kevin King – TAS Alliance Director,



About The TAS Alliance

Today there is a unified approach to serviced apartments. The TAS Alliance brings together the best independently-owned and operated serviced apartments in a global network.  Operators that have joined The TAS Alliance work co-operatively to generate creative and sustainable solutions, operating under a single brand, distribution, sales/marketing umbrella - all powered by a common technology platform. As a member of The TAS Alliance, we do not ask for the member to lose their identity, local flavour, brand promises or style, we simply ask members to meet the global requirements of business travellers including cleanliness, friendliness, EIWO. The TAS Alliance is a 100% solution for buyers looking to build, expand or enhance their serviced apartment programmes. Launched in 2014, the TAS Alliance gives corporate buyers access to a fully-connected supply chain to meet their serviced apartment and corporate housing needs globally. For more information visit



Founded in Switzerland in 1999, VISIONAPARTMENTS specialises in the rental of high-quality furnished flats known for their commitment to service and style. The company quickly advanced from start-up to Switzerland's market leader and now offers around a thousand temporary living solutions tailored to its clients' needs in Berlin, Lausanne, Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zurich, with Geneva, Frankfurt and Vevey soon to follow. VISIONAPARTMENTS is now gradually expanding both domestically and abroad while continuing its focus on the German-speaking countries.

For further information please contact:

Jo Layton
MD Group Commercial Sales


Shabina Awan
Director of Alliances & Partnerships

October 9, 2012

Mel & Sara attend Global Workforce Symposium - ERC in Washington DC (3-5 October) by Bard Vos & Maggy Sainsbury

We arrived on Tuesday 2nd October ready to set up shop for the next 3 days at the Worldwide ERC 20132 in Washington DC.

This was a fabulous city to be in and presented an excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues in the relocation industry where The Apartment Service have become well known and to which offers fully serviced temporary accommodation.




Not only do we secure ongoing relationships, we build new ones with the relocation world and other accommodation providers in many other countries who we can work with as an agent and provider.

The ERC always manages to create a great atmosphere for networking and hosts some of the best evening events where the industry can really let their hair down. Not always a good idea with jet lag but it would have been rude not to!

After all the hard work, Friday night saw The Apartment Service, HCR and Coppergate International really excel themselves when we went on a 3 hour Sedgway tour of Washington giving us some memories and laughs we will never forget.




Can’t wait for next year…….


Sara Calvo



February 2, 2012

The Apartment Service leads the research into the global serviced apartments industry by Bard Vos

The Apartment Service in close co-operation with The Travel Intelligence Network (  has published 3 issues of the Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report to date.

The first edition came out in February 2008 and contained an overview of "What is a serviced apartment", Industry views and Expert views. We also started the documentation of the total number of serviced apartments worldwide.

In 2008 the total number of apartments uncovered was 452,051.

The second report was published in February 2010 in the time that the world was in economic recession. The sector remained optimistic about the future and this was also highlighted by an increase in the total number of documented serviced apartments worldwide to 491,465. We also started a regional update, looking at the various global regions, the differences in the markets and how serviced apartments are being operated.

The latest report came out in October 2011 and included again a regional update + views of Industry Experts from across the globe about their views and outlook for the sector. And the total number of documented serviced apartments worldwide increased to 669,744!

The first report is only available still in hard copy. The second and latest report are also available in PDF format. To order your free copy for either or all of the reports, please send an email to Bard Vos.

We welcome your feedback on the content of the reports, which can be left by commenting on this blog post. And of course also any suggestions for future editions, topics to write about, areas to research etc.

We look forward to an engaging conversation,




January 18, 2012



Business Development Executive BDE


Wimbledon and some field based



The Apartment Service are a long-established, successful global corporate housing solution based in south west London.


Due to recent internal promotions, we need an ambitious individual to join our sales team. You will need to be an assertive, focussed and persistent sales person. You must be able to communicate on all levels and possess excellent consultative business/account development skills.


The BDE will be responsible predominantly for the development of new business and maximizing opportunities from various sources and the development of business from existing accounts.


You will be targeting hotel booking agents and business travel and relocation sectors, therefore, a background in any of these industries would be an advantage but is not essential.


You must thrive in a target-driven environment where you will be rewarded by an uncapped earning potential. So if you have a pro-active approach and a proven track record in achieving and exceeding sales targets this could be your ideal opportunity.



For more information and to apply please contact:



Sara Calvo – Sales Manager

Phone: 020-89443659


April 15, 2011

Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report 2011-12 by Bard Vos

The Apartment Service, 30 this year, has started the research for the third Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report. The report is due in September 2011 and will look at the development of the serviced apartment sector and what (if any) the influence of the worldwide financial crisis has been on this development. Shortly we will be sending out a survey to around 3000 serviced apartment operators worldwide to get their views and input.

We invite anyone with any input on the subject of worldwide Serviced Apartments to engage in the conversation here. We are looking for input from all sides, i.e. serviced apartment operators, booking agents, corporate clients, travel management companies, human resource departments etc.

The 2010 report can still be accessed here. For further information on the Global Serviced Apartments Reports, to receive the 2009/10 report in PDF and/or to register your interest in a copy of the 2011/12 report, please email Bard Vos. And also, if you are a serviced apartment operator and would like to take part in the survey, but have not received a copy, you can contact me via this email address.

The Serviced Apartments industry is growing in importance and is worth talking about!!!




January 28, 2011

Easyjet To Establish Lisbon Base by Esther Munoz Tong

The recent announcement that easyJet is making Lisbon one of its European hubs lead us to believe that an imminent larger choice of regional flights to Portugal’s capital city is on the way.


The low cost airline currently flies to Lisbon from five British airports, including Edinburgh while their new aircraft base is slated to open in winter 2011. Lisbon will become easyJet's 20th base, its first in Portugal. Already operating nearly 100 weekly flights, and according to November flight-base data, to 16 scheduled destinations. easyJet has established itself as the second largest operator in the Lisbon market, second only to the national airline of Portugal, TAP.


Yet another great reason to plan your next visit to this enchanting baroque town and furthermore to stay in our lovely Santos River Apartments located in the heart of Lisbon with more frequency flights and hopefully better value for regional routes within the rest of Europe.


Contact our Reservations Team for more information on how to book an apartment in Lisbon T: +44 (0) 20 8944 1444 or simply send us an online enquiry  

September 2, 2009

Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report 20092010 edition by Bard Vos

The Apartment Service is currently researching for the follow up to the first Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report which was published in September 2008. This follow up looks at the global serviced apartment / extended stay sector, divided in the various global regions and with the changed economic climate in mind.


Thank you very much for completing the survey.  If you have not completed it yet, you can go back to it here. Please feel free to comment further on anything in the survey. Maybe you wish to expand on the following topics:


* What will be the three biggest challenges facing your business in 2010?


* If you could change the worldwide serviced apartment sector, what would you do/implement?


We look forward to your comments and active participation which hopefully turn into a lively discussion about these relevant and current topics which concern us all.




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