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August 29, 2011

My Cause by Melissa Seneviratne


26th December 2004


I still remember like it was yesterday. I woke up after Christmas day, put on the TV, and there it was. I was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that hit many parts of Asia and east Africa including where I’m from, Sri Lanka. My first reaction was to call all my family and to see if they were ok, but the telephone lines were down. It was hours and days before we could reach anyone. So it was upsetting when I found out my uncle passed away during this time.


Since then every time I go to Sri Lanka, we visit the areas that have been affected. We take food, stationery, clothes, and money and distribute it to everyone. Its feels good to be able to talk to the victims and help them in any way possible, especially when you see them from time to time and see how they are progressing through their lives.


Over 294,000 people died in Sri Lanka due to the tsunami, they lost their homes, schools, hospitals and most importantly their loves ones. There’s a lot of work that still needs to be done in rebuilding the country after the disaster, therefore if you wish to donate, please visit World Food Programme (





A memorial built for everyone who died in this village built by the Japanese.

August 19, 2011

The Apartment Service has been nominated for an EMMA by Admin

For the second year The Apartment Service has been nominated for an EMMA in the category Corporate Housing Provider of the Year.

The EMMAs are the Oscars of the Global Mobility Industry organized by FEM (The Forum for Expatriate Management) and winning an EMMA is the ultimate recognition of professional excellence.

The award ceremony will take place on 4th November in London. To learn more about the other nineteen categories -and who else has been nominated- click here


August 16, 2011

New Staff by Admin

My name is Amy Gregory and I have just started working at The Apartment Service as an I.T. Support Assistant.   


I have worked in I.T. for 8 years within a diverse range of companies – I have worked in the I.T. departments of schools and universities to one of the country’s largest I.T service providers.  I am very passionate about my work and have just finished a degree in I.T. for E-Business which I studied for in the evenings.  I enjoy working within I.T as I like being able to help bridge the gap between people and machines – using computers is often a daunting experience for many people, especially when things go wrong and I feel it’s important to ensure that people feel supported within their work environment.   


When I am not at work or studying new things I enjoy making things.  I currently make handmade cards and jewellery and have just learnt to crochet.  I also enjoy baking (although I am not very good at it!). 


I look forward to working with everyone at The Apartment Service and am excited to take on new challenges and gain new experiences. 


August 12, 2011

All the Best, M's... by Admin

Last night the team gathered at a local pub to say goodbye to Muireann King whose last day at The Apartment Service is today







August 3, 2011

My Day at Guest Services by Babur Khan

It was 9:05 am on a typical Tuesday morning, and I stood by Mark’s desk to report for my exciting day of operational adventures. “What awaits us today” was going through my head. “Will it be a guest complaint, could there be a postcard through the door by a guest who stayed with us with a hand written “thank you” note, and how will the maintenance team will do today as compared to yesterday?” I started off with assisting Mark in placing some online broadband orders. Better and faster Wi-Fi now for our guests to browse through and benefit from the wealth of knowledge & entertainment over the “worldwide web”.


During placing the orders, our efficient quality control team had reported a faulty washing machine at one of our City locations. Mark got on to in a flash and had arranged the maintenance team to ensure that the problem is resolved without causing an inconvenience to our guest. That was a job well done Mark! Whilst I was placing orders, Mark had already gotten on to the phone and resolved most of the outstanding issues with external contractors for today - it was lunch break time. I took off and returned after 50 minutes, and there was safe unit programming on the list for Cramer House. Dorica and Sue showed me how to do one, and then I was on it. Thinking that everything needs to be done diligently, as this could be the safest place in the apartment, I ensured that all safe units were programmed, keys marked correctly and the boxes were labelled clearly for maintenance team to take away and install. During these important tasks, I did assist Mark in taking some of the calls on behalf of the Guest Relations.


I would like to thank everyone at Guest Services for the opportunity of working with you for a day.

Babur Khan
Business Development Executive
The Apartment Service
T:+44 (0)20 8944 3665

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