For stays of a day, a week, a month or a year, serviced apartments (also known in the sector as Aparthotels, corporate housing or extended stay housing) offer a spacious, flexible and cost effective alternative to restrictive hotel rooms, with an average saving of 15 - 30% on an equivalent standard hotel.    more


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March 24, 2011

Relocating or visiting the UK on a regular basis? enjoy the comforts of home without the commitment by Esther Munoz Tong


When foreign nationals consider moving to London is quickly very patent why the long held reputation of “one of the most expensive cities in the world” is constantly quoted by friends and colleagues. Although no longer among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world; renting accommodation in the UK is still -and despite of the burst property bubble- one of the highest expenses in everyone’s budget, when compared to other costly cities. 


Another daunting factor for expats and people on international assignments is to decide where to settle in. A city with over 7.5 million inhabitants like London can be very intimidating when one knows very little about the diverse neighbourhoods  to choose from - the areas we would have visited as tourists  are often hardly  residential, unaffordable or simply not very convenient to commute to and from work.


And there is the additional concern that comes with having to commit to a long term rental contract (minimum one year) in a foreign country; an option that is by far the most economical but that can also be too inflexible when aspects such as short or unpredictable duration -and location- of work projects, the eventual arrival of the family, choosing a child-friendly area or the right school have to be taking into account.  The freedom to change your mind about the standard, the size, the amenities and the location of the place of residence that you initially chose is a priceless feature that only serviced apartments can offer at reasonable cost.


What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is a property which can be rented from anything from a week to a few months or even a year, on an extendable basis. You can rent any type of property from a studio to a multiple bedrooms property. When renting an apartment on a short term basis all the bills and services are included in the rent.


The advantages

Flexibility - you have the option to extend your tenancy on a weekly or monthly basis

Home comforts - the privacy of your own front door, plenty of space and a relaxing environment where you can come and go as you please

Serviced apartments are furnished to a high standard with appliances and household items that include towels, linen, crockery, electrical and kitchen appliances

Cleaning and maintenance services

Just bring your luggage


About The Apartment Service


Our expertise

With over thirty years of experience providing short term corporate and leisure accommodation The Apartment Service understands the pressures of staff and families moving abroad with differing requirements, often at short notice. We understand the many constraints that come with a busy lifestyle and our aim is to help you settle into your new life overseas as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The Apartment Service can do all the hard work for you, your time and energy can be spent on more important things.

Our main objective is to find an option tailored to your requirements, dates and budget. We love to share our knowledge on a wide range of local matters, allowing for an stress-free transition to your new life whether you are planning a short- or long-term move to the UK or to almost any other country in the world with a portfolio of thousands of properties worldwide, we are able to find a solution for both individuals and corporate group requirements alike.


Corporate services

A large number of corporate firms make use of our bespoke accommodation solution as an efficient and economical alternative to hotels. We provide a fully tailored service designed to meet the individual needs of every company and employee.


We also offer a centralised expenses service that allows your accounts department to receive all the accommodation requirements costs in one invoice helping your firm to establish staff expenses in clear and efficient financial terms.


The Apartment Service

We are the largest European provider of serviced apartments with an ever-expanding network of properties worldwide, offering spacious, flexible and cost effective solutions, up to 30% more economical than an equivalent standard hotel. Our expertise can play a key role developing the serviced accommodation requirements of your business.


Contact The Apartment Service


T: +44 (0) 020 8944 3612

F: +44 (0) 0208944 6744


March 18, 2011

Now with Serviced Apartments in Cambridge by Esther Munoz Tong

Introducing our new Serviced Apartments selection in Cambridge


Manor House  

Manor House is a brand new development of six apartments in a pretty, quiet Victorian terrace to... More


Garden Court

Garden Court is a modern and stylish development that is just 10 minutes walk to the historic city centre and... More

Market Rise
The Market Rise apartments are located in a modern building near to the...

Meadowcroft Apartments
The striking modern exterior of Meadowcroft Apartments contrasts excitingly with its leafy...

The Hamiltons  
A selection of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments including two stunning Penthouse apartments offering unrivalled views of the...

How to contact the our Reservations Team
Tel: +44(0)208 944 1444

March 16, 2011

KIVA - Loans That Change Lives by Bard Vos

As part of the 30th Anniversary Year The Apartment Service is committed to participate in Good Causes as suggested by members of staff. I have been supporting KIVA ( for more than 4 years now.


What do they do? KIVA organises and manages loans for entrepreneurs across the globe, money which they normally might not be able to obtain.


Be it for someone who needs to buy parts for his car repair shop in Kenya, or someone who wants to open a bakery in Bangladesh, we can help in them achieving their goals.


KIVA members can start their participation with a $25 (USD) investment. They can choose in which industry they wish to invest, on which continent, number of repayment months etc. And the good thing is......your money is safe! When the loan term is finished and all the money repaid to the lenders, lenders have the possibility to withdraw their investment or re-invest in another business.


Personally, being a member of KIVA makes me feel that I am doing something (how small this may be) in an organised way to the development of small businesses anywhere in the world. And I know where my money is going and I can keep an eye on it, as opposed to "just giving to charity" whereby you often do not know if the money you spend is reaching the right destination.


The Apartment Service has created a Lending Team and will in the coming months support global small businesses with loans of $25. To join this lending team and enable us to support more good causes, please click here.


For more information, please feel free to email me,


Thanks very much,



Marketing Executive - The Apartment Service

March 15, 2011

The Apartment Service and More Corporate Sales Development by Admin

I am Stephanie Selima; I have four years experience in the fields of marketing and sales in the Cosmetics and Fashion industries.  I have received a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Sales Management from INSEEC Business School in France.



I have been in the UK for nearly a year and worked as a Commercial Assistant and Business Development Manager at LVMH Fragrances and Cosmetics.



I’ve chosen to work at The Apartment Service as it offers a challenging environment, a prospect for promotion and a rewarding working experience.  I wish to capitalize on my abilities and to learn new skills. I am very happy to join a company with a clear and pertinent strategy for growth and a strong desire for success. I am really looking forward to being a part of this success.



Finally, as far as my hobbies are concerned, I love travelling, socialising, going out with friends, ballet, culture (love to learn about countries’ history) cinema, music, riding horses, French cuisine (love cooking for friends) and so much more!



Stephanie Selima is our New Corporate Development Consultant

To contact the Sales Development Team
Tel: +44(0)208 944 3612

March 11, 2011

A New International Sales Support Consultant by Admin

My name is Mario and I am a 29 years old and coming from a typical Italian family, I am the last of six children and so far I have nine nephews!

I came in London in November 2007 and I managed to learn the language from absolutely zero to a very acceptable level over the space of four years. Thanks to my good command of Spanish and Italian I was hired by the Big Bus Company (or the Sightseeing Tour in London) this was just a temporary job for the summer and I was looking for something more stable so I started to work at the Front Desk  with Jury's Hotel in The City. It was a wonderful experience and after only five months I was promoted to “Front Office Supervisor” and   “Employee of the Year”  I started to feel passionate about my job and of course the industry while I made really good friends and had a great time.

I am now living in South West London and I have just started at The Apartment Service, the people and the environment seems great, colleagues are really friendly and I have the feeling that I will enjoy working here and hopefully they’ll enjoy working with me too.

In my private life I like to stay close to my close friends, cook traditional meals from my city (I was chef and I love to cook dinner for my friends as long as they bring a good bottle of wine with them) and finally to travel and to discover new places.


March 9, 2011

My First Incursion Into Speed Networking by Mariel Martinez


Lately, virtually EVERYONE is talking about networking. We are surrounded by so many web pages that remind you how important is to belong to a networking group (whether is career, social or hobby orientated) if we are not part of it, it’s easy to feel that we’re missing out.


One can obtain so much information and guidance from people who know certain topics so much better than us. Networking is also incredibly useful for developing business relationships. One never knows what the outcome would be by simply showing up at certain event...


But have you experienced “LIVE NETWORKING”?


Today, I took part in a “Speed Networking” event organised by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. I was attracted the concept of “Speed” for this event, purely because I believe that it doesn’t take a lot of time to understand what a Company is about. A few minutes should be enough to get the core idea and then you can decide which Company can be beneficial to you in Business Terms.


I also liked the fact that none of us were competitors. Everyone came from a different industry (Law, Architecture, Artists, Motor, etc...) I met some lovely people and (bonus) made a few contacts that I can be very mutually beneficial in the future.


Networking is something for open and sociable minds... Is it for you?


Mariel Martinez Aragunde

Business & Administration Manager - Spain

Tel: +44 (0) 208 944 3660


March 8, 2011

Memories of 1981 by Bard Vos

The Apartment Service was founded in 1981, in a time when people were dressing in an individual fashion with wild hair dos and many colours, tattoos were all rage and British group Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Festival with “Make Your Mind Up”.

But what else happened in 1981 and who are the contemporaries of The Apartment Service? An illustrious bunch and a few names which, like The Apartment Service, have become synonymous with the products they represent. You can´t imagine life without them anymore:

There is Bloomberg, the media company founded by Michael Bloomberg, which provides up to the minute business and financial news.

From the world of sports there is JD Sports, a featured shop in many a high street across the UK for all your sport equipment and attire.

Merely a pipedream in 1981, but nowadays no office can function without them. Computer accessories, such as mice, web cams, USB sticks etc. Yes, also Logitech is turning 30 this year.

And then there are high street favourites such as Jack Wolfskin, Tie Rack and for lovers of film United International Pictures.

1981 was the year that Nintendo became huge and Hard Rock and Heavy Metal ruled the airwaves on the music front.

Movie of the year, according to the Oscar Nominations was “Chariots of Fire” with Nicholas Farrell and Nigel Havers. The film is telling the true story about track athletes from different cultures competing in the 1924 Olympics.

Ronald Reagan, himself a former film actor, became President of the United States and Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch bought the Times and the Sunday Times.

MTV, the music station was first launched in the USA and the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe was caught.

1981 saw the first London Marathon being held with just over 6,500 runners. This year, in its anniversary year, around 40,000 people will run the race. It is one of the top 5 marathons in the world and the largest yearly single fund raising event worldwide.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married and housewives and teenage girls favourites Wham! belted out their first song, “Young Guns  Go For It”.

1981 has also produced a number of 30 year olds which have made their marks in various fields, be it musically or on the sport front.

Anna Kournikova, the Russian tennis player with the model looks, who has become more famous off than on the courts.

That old Disney Kids star Britney Spears, who has also had more than her fair share of headlines.

And staying on the tennis front, Wimbledon´s favourite (incidentally also home to The Apartment Service), Roger Federer, who has won the All England Lawn Tennis Championships six times until now and still going strong.

Since music is playing a big part in our 30th Anniversary Celebrations for The Apartment Service we can´t but finish off with some of those timeless favourites of which many have fond memories for a wide variety of reasons:

What about “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes, “Tide is High”, by this epitome of Eighties fashion and music, Blondie and a personal favourite “The Winner Takes It All” by the Swedish Maestros ABBA.

On the “smooch” front there was “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie and “Lady” from Kenny Rogers.

And not to forget The Police, fronted by Sting with “De do do do, de da da da”, a title maybe more suited for the Sixties!

Of course we can go on, but we won´t. Fact is that 1981 has produced some great things, companies and people still going strong today and The Apartment Service is proud to be part of this heritage.

What are your memories of 1981? Where were you at the time? Share it with us and contribute to the legacy of a great vintage!


March 4, 2011

Our New Agent Business Development Executive by Esther Munoz Tong

Hello All,


My name is Oyinda Kasumu. I am the latest Business Development Executive to join the sales team here at The Apartment Service. My role will involve generating new business relationships with Hotel Booking Agents, Letting Agents, Relocation Agents and Travel Management Companies.


I come from a background of Field Marketing and Client Services Management and I always tried to seek avenues in which I can help to grow business opportunities.


Out of work my passions are cooking; African and West Indian dishes are my speciality. I enjoy street dancing and am a keen follower of fashion. 


Oyinda Kasumu

Business Development Executive

The Apartment Service

T: 0208 944 3628



March 2, 2011

Looking for a New Colleague! by Esther Munoz Tong

The Apartment Service is looking to recruit an individual to develop and expand its portfolio of serviced apartments featured on its website. Although sound IT skills are essential the ability to build on good working relationships with providers and suppliers is paramount ensuring that The Apartment Service and its clients receive the most competitive rates and information on its website. The organising of regular familiarisation trips for the sales team is also a task required.

Previous experience in a similar role within The Serviced Apartment or hotel industry would be beneficial however interested applicants who have proven transferable skills should apply.

Applicants must be fluent in English both verbal and written with a smart appearance and professional approach to their work. Self motivation and the ability to prioritise a busy workload are essential in order to make a success within this role.

For complete job description please access the following link and to apply please contact     


March 1, 2011

The Butterfly Hospice Trust by Kim Ashmore

During the 30th anniversary year; The Apartment Service has asked its employees to nominate their preferred charity so we can all raise funds and awareness as a group, I suggested Butterfly Hospice Trust


Ten years ago a group of concerned people got together in Boston's magnificent church - the Stump as they were concerned that there was nowhere local for terminally ill patients to receive the care and dignity they so needed at the end of their lives. The Butterfly Hospice Trust came into being on that day with the aim of building an in-patient hospice for the people of south east Lincolnshire.



This rural area does not have the benefit of a good road or rail network and for many of the villages there is only one bus a day to take them to the nearest town so if family and friends are to visit their loved ones it is essential that there is a local facility within the area. Ten years on and the local community has raised over £1m, 4 acres of land were purchased in 2005 and the building itself is now near completion.



The Butterfly Hospice Trust is now focussing on raising funds to complete the fitting, furnishing and equipping of the hospice and to complete the landscaping in order to achieve the aim of having a local in-patient hospice open to patients and their families in late summer 2011. The work of raising funds does not stop there as they then need help to run the hospice. In 2009 NHS Lincolnshire identified that the county was short of 23 hospice beds including six in Boston and they are hopeful of receiving approximately 30% of the hospice funding from the local GP cluster who are taking over control of the palliative care budget from NHS Lincolnshire, however they still need to raise the remaining 70% of funds needed.



Fundraising remains active and the trust continues to receive support from the local community, but they still need all the help and support they can get to make this dream a reality for the terminally ill and their families in this area.


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